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A (BIT) NO !! A LOT OF FUN . . .


It seems to be that there is ample web content out there if you want to show your Japanese Spitz - but rather less for the pet owner who wants to share their experiences with others.

Well we want to redress that imbalance with this website and our associated FaceBook presence.

So, we are here to share together those fun, drama and loving moments we all have with our dogs.

So send us your crazy moments . . .

JapSpitz Events


We have organised a number of really fabulous owner get togethers where we meet up at a large leisure park in order to have a relaxed stroll and an informal chat with other JS Owners.

These events are always really well attended and are quite eye catching when you see 20 - 40 Japanese Spitz dogs with their owners strolling around your local park.

Of course we always try to finish off the walk with a welcome cuppa or tea 'n toast.

You are so welcome at our next event



Whether you are a well experienced JS owner or whether you have only just fallen under the trance of these beautiful and intelligent  dogs there always comes a time when a little bit of external help is welcome.

So if you are looking for a guide as to how to best manage their coat, how to care for their teeth, or what to check out if you are about to buy your very first puppy - then look no further.

Our Guides are here to help you.

We also welcome new content.


About Japanese Spitz

Origins of the Breed

It would appear that the detailed origins of the Japanese Spitz breed are somewhat unclear with views suggesting that it has origins based from the German Spitz, the White Russian Spitz, with links to the American Eskimo Dog and some distant heritage to the Samoyed.

What is clear is that the Japanese Spitz was developed in the 1920’s and 1930’s in Japan by cross breeding from a number of small white Spitz type dogs – pedigree records held by the Nippon Spitz Association (NCA) support this history.

Refinement of the breed continued right through the Second World War with the Japanese Kennel Club recognising the breed in 1947 and eventually accepting the Breed Standard pretty much as we know it today in 1953.

It was not until the early 1970’s that the Japanese Spitz was imported into the Scandinavian countries and from there into the United Kingdom with the Kennel Club accepting the breed into the Utility Group in 1977.  Direct imports into the UK from Japan adding to the blood lines from 1980.

Standard of the Breed

The Japanese Spitz is a small dog, around 33 cm (13 ins) at the withers, with a somewhat square body, deep chest, and a very thick, pure white double coat.


The coat consists of an outer coat that stands off from the soft inner coat, with fur shorter on the muzzle and ears as well as the fronts of the forelegs and the hindlegs.  A ruff of longer fur is around the dog's neck.


It has a pointed muzzle and small, triangular shape prick ears (ears that stand up.) The tail is long, heavily covered with long fur, and is carried curled over and lying on the dog's back.


The white coat contrasts with the black pads and nails of the feet, the black nose, and the dark eyes. The large oval (akin to a ginkgo seed) eyes are dark and slightly slanted with white eyelashes, and the nose and lips and eye rims are black.


The head of the Japanese Spitz is wedge-shaped.

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