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 Owners Expertise 

The Great Thing about a collective group of owners such as you find here is that you can share in the many years of experience that they have gained

Some of our most experienced JapSpitz Breeders / Owners have created a number of guides to help you deal with everyday issues.

Three Japanese Spitz Puppies feature in our Puppy Buying Guide

Puppy Buying Guide

This guide although intended for the individual who is about to embark on buying their very first puppy also contains a wide range of advice and guidance some of which existing owners may well find beneficial.

It ranges from considering the impact a new puppy may have on your lifestyle, to choosing a suitable breeder for your intended purchase, to the changes you may well have to make to your home and garden prior to bringing that puppy home, to the paperwork you can expect plus a reminder to put health insurance in place.

To download your own personal copy of this guide please click on this link  -  JapSpitz Puppy Buying Guide.

JapSpitz Grooming Guide

One great advantage of JapSpitz Together is that we can feature the 'best of the best' - and that is exactly what we have done.

We bring you a grooming guide from a breeder and professional groomer who has been in the breed for more than 35 years.


So, take advantage of her expertise and download this - JapSpitz Guide to Grooming

Pretty Japanese Spitz Puppy that features in our Grooming Guide
Japanese Spitz Dental Guide for Dogs

JapSpitz Dental Guide

One aspect of owning a JapSpitz (or any dog) is to care for their teeth.  Ideally this should include 'brushing' their teeth with suitable toothpaste and a doggie toothbrush or a doggie finger tooth brush.

I know everybody is going to say impossible - however if you start when your dog is very young and simply rub your fingers across its teeth on a daily basis they can get used to the idea.

With patience, maybe some rewards, and a little owner bravery you really can do this.

Download our Guide - JapSpitz Guide to Dental Care

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