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 Why we Love our Dogs

Join Us and share your favourite doggy tales or tails or your special pics . . .

We start with an article about a 2½ year old JS and his clever tricks

Then an introduction to the KC Good Citizens Award Scheme

Finally we have an introduction to Hoopers

Japanese Spitz dog Kaden in a lake

A Day in the Life of Kaden

This is a rather interesting tale penned by an individual who is both new to Japanese Spitz and, in fact, new to dog ownership altogether.

It covers a typical twenty four hour period in the life of their challenging Japanese Spitz called Kaden.

During this period you will learn about 'the midnight feast' game; how Kaden tries to add bacon to his breakfast menu; how Kaden has mastered the stare that translates into a 'doggy walk'; and a unique game where Kaden takes the TV remote control hostage.

To download your own personal copy of this publication

     Click A Day in the Life of Kaden

Introduction to Good Citizens

If you want to give your puppy some of the best training and have it learn really good manners at the same time then why not consider embarking on the Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme.

It will provide structure to your puppy training and will provide a great foundation should you wish to progress onto Obedience, or Hoopers, or Agility as your puppy matures.

Plus as you achieve the Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards your puppy will receive a very nice certificate & rosette.

For your Guide Click - The K.C. Good Citizens Scheme

An Introduction to the Good Citizens Award Scheme
Japanese Spitz dogs taking part in Hoopers training

An Introduction to Hoopers

Have you ever felt that you would like to have a go at 'Agility' but thought it might be too much for either your dog or even yourself.  Then look no further . . .

The participation sport of 'Hoopers' is a kind of cut down version of Agility without the high level frames or walkways and without the need to always run with your dog.

However, this does not mean it is not as exciting and absorbing.  Read on to learn how Krystina discovered the world of Hoopers when her regular Agility Club closed down during covid.

Click A Guide to Hoopers

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